Monday, October 11, 2010

Bread Class

I joined bread class near my place. I made 3 kinds of bread there. All of them are like fall bread Because we used pumpkin, chestnuts and fig!!

Pumpkin stick: We mixed pumpkin powder with dough and they are so crispy and tasty.

Chestnuts bread: There is white bean paste and chestnuts paste inside the bread.

Fig bread: We put dried fig into the bread.

In this weekend

I made more bread.
Here is sweet potatoes bread. I boiled sweet potatoes with sugar and mixed them into the dough.

This one is red bean paste bread. Red bean paste is in this bread. They are one of the popular bread in Japan.

Last one is melon shaped bread. Real melon is not in these bread and only shape is like melon. I like these shape and they are so cute!!

Today's bread


Summer memory

One of my good memory in this summer is Fireworks!! I love fireworks and always check where I can see them. In this summer, my husband and I went to see them in Kagoshima. It took 3hours driving from our place. This fireworks is one of the biggest in this area and we could see many people. It was really tough to get parking space even though we arrived 5 hours earlier them starting fireworks. Finally, we got and also got some snacks.
In this firework festival, we could see more than 15000 fireworks for 2 hours. They were soo beautiful and I was very impressed their beauty.

Bread I made

I made 2 kinds of bread. One of them are Chocolate Danish.

I was really hard to make them and it took over 4 hours...

Others are white bread. They are so soft and matched with butter very much.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ume no Hana (Tofu restaurant)

My husband's parents like this Tofu restaurant and we went there to have a lunch. They serve not only Tofu but also Japanese food. Here are Tofu and boiled vegetables.

Fried Tofu.

Sashimi (Raw fish) and Tofu dumpling.

Eel rice, miso soup with tofu and pickles.

Dessert (Vanilla ice cream with brown sugar syrup)

La Meson de Ginza (Ice cream shop)

This ice cream shop is awesome! I strongly recommend to go there if you have a chance to come to Tokyo!!

(1250 yen =$15)

(1250 yen =$15)

CHOICE (Dinig bar)

My husband and I want to renovate our apartment. So, we visited to see variety of wall paper and carpet in the Sangetsu Co. Because there are tons of wall paper and carpet, it was sooo difficult to decide which one we choice. Then, we spent more than 2hours there.
After that, we had a lunch next to this corporation. This dining bar have many lunch menu and we ate "Fried rice" and "Fried chicken". Both of them taste like Asian food, such as Thai or Malaysia. I like those kinds of food but my husband needed more spicy.


My husband and I visited my mother's house. My mother has more 5 cats (I am not sure how many...). Most of them are very friendly and they put on our knee and sleep for a long time.


My recipe book says that they are Spanish cookies. It is easy to make and I will try other flavors!

Summer Festival

We had a summer festival. So, my husband and I went to see dancing and fireworks at the castle. There were many people to dance and to see. The dance is special in this area and it made me interesting.

Mango Bread

I used canned Mango and mixed cream cheese with yogurt.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Animal shaped bread

Because my friend's daughter requested me "Animal shaped bread" as her birthday present. So, I tried to make them. Rabbit, pig and hedgehog....

Daikon-tei (Japanese restaurant)

My husband and I have a lunch at "Daikon-tei". This restaurant serves 7-8 kinds of lunch combination. My husband ate "Meat stake lunch (1300 yen = $15),

I ate "Boiled meat lunch (1300 yen = $15).

There were small dishes in the combination and each of them were nice and beautiful. Also, the owner of this restaurant renovated old Japanese house as a restaurant. This wooden smell made me cozy.

My late summer vacation #7

My flight was cancelled and I had to stay 1 more day in Albany. I called my friend and she picked me up after her work. We went to "Troy night out". I had the first time to go this event. We could see many shops and got some snacks.

After we enjoyed night out, we went to have a dinner at "Grandma's". They serve old American food and I love them.

Off course, I ate pie and it made me sooo full. I hope I can return to Japan tomorrow!!

My late summer vacation #6

I visited SUNY Albany and met my instructor to say hello!! They were so surprised me and we had coffee in the campus. I miss my classmates and lob mates so much!!

My late summer vacation #5

In this morning, I took a walk around my friend's place in Troy. Troy is old town and I could see many classical building and many shops, and I was so interested in them.

At the dinner time, my friend and I went to have a dinner at "Bacchus". My friend suggested me to eat pizza there because there is a big oven in this restaurant. It was nice and I liked it!!

My late summer vacation #4-2

In the dinner time, also, I met some of my friends at "Standard restaurant" in Crossgates mall.

This restaurant serves Italian food and each dish was so big for me. Also, atmosphere is really good and it made me cozy. Off course, food were good and especially, dessert was great!!

My late summer vacation #4-1

In the lunch time, I met some of my Japanese friends at "Ala Shanghai". One of my friends recommended this restaurant to me strongly and I was so interested there. As my friend mentioned, all of the dishes were so good and service was really nice. I like it and strongly recommended to go this restaurant.

I had a food time with my friends and good Chinese food!!

My late summer vacation #3

In this day, I moved Toronto to Albany. After arriving Albany. I met my best friend!! I am soooo happy to see her. She suggested me to stay her place and I would do. We had a dinner at "Brown's", where I sometimes went when I lived in Albany.

We had a good time there!! Happy! Happy!

My late summer vacation #2

In 2nd. day, after eating breakfast, I visited " Ontario art museum.

There are many interesting art there and I did not have enough time to see all of them. However, I had to join "Niagara tour" in that afternoon. So, I had to leave.

In the tour, first, we visited winery in Niagara on the lake.

In this winery, I tried to taste ice wine and it was really good and I got one!! (but it is little expensive)
The, we arrived Niagara falls. We rode on the boat and went near the fall. Niagara falls are great and I was so impressed. In the night time, falls were lighted up and very beautiful. I wanted to visit with my husband in the next time!!