Sunday, September 19, 2010

My late summer vacation #1

I got "Late summer vacation" this week and am visiting Tronto in Canada!

Yesterday, I left my house and travel for about 15 hours from Japan to Canada. I was so exhausted. After arriving the hotel in Toronto, I went to foodcourt near my hotel and got "Gyro pita"!! I love Greek food and miss too much.

I will stay Torornto 2days and go to Albany!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Monkey Bread

I do not know why we call this kinds of bread as "Monkey Bread"...

Baguette ??

I made Baguette but these shapes were not good... Are they really Baguette??

Hara doughnuts (Doughnuts shop)

I found new doughnuts shop and tried some of them. There are more than 7 flavors and I bought 5. Because these doughnuts were made from Tofu, so they sound very healthy. Off course, these tastes were very good and I want to try another flavors. in Hiroshima

The last day, we left the hotel in the morning and dropped to Shimonoseki, where is famous as fish market. We looked for good Sushi restaurant and ate lunch!

Sashimi is very fresh and, also, Sushi is awesome and very cheap!! We really like this restaurant.

After eating lunch, we walked around the fish market and park near the port.
So, we had a good 3 day's trip. Lovely!!