Sunday, August 15, 2010

1st. day in Hiroshima

My husband and I left our apartment at 7:00am and went to Hiroshima city. On the way to Hiroshima, we dropped to see Kintai bridge. This bridge is very famous as its beautiful shape. I had the first time to see it and was very impressed.

Also, we had a lunch near this bridge. It was "Iwakuni Sushi", which is famous Sushi of this area.

After lunch, we went to Hiroshima City and visited "Peace Park". We visited this park when I was high school student and I did not remember for a long time.

There were many visitors but most of them were very calm and silent. I walked around to see monument and some materials, them I felt very sacred.

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josie said...

That's an amazing wooden bridge. I really love looking and taking pictures of bridges. Just spent the weekend going to 2 covered bridges near Albany.