Sunday, August 15, 2010

2nd. day in Hiroshima

Next day, we visited Miyajima from our hotel by ship. Miyajima is one of the "World Heritage" and I strongly recommend to visit there.

There is a big shrine there and many people visited. Of course, we went there and see beautiful old buildings.

At the lunch time, we tried to eat famous local food. Here is "Boiled cone eel". They were very sweet because they were boiled with soy sauce and sager but very tasty!!

Here is "Oyster" and my husband really like them!!

Here are "Fried oyster". I like them better than raw oyster. We were very full and satisfied these lunch!!

1st. day in Hiroshima

My husband and I left our apartment at 7:00am and went to Hiroshima city. On the way to Hiroshima, we dropped to see Kintai bridge. This bridge is very famous as its beautiful shape. I had the first time to see it and was very impressed.

Also, we had a lunch near this bridge. It was "Iwakuni Sushi", which is famous Sushi of this area.

After lunch, we went to Hiroshima City and visited "Peace Park". We visited this park when I was high school student and I did not remember for a long time.

There were many visitors but most of them were very calm and silent. I walked around to see monument and some materials, them I felt very sacred.

Nety Nety (Asian Restaurant)

Because we had a hot day every day, my husband and I wanted to eat spicy food. Then, we went to have a lunch at "Nety Nety".

There are 3 kinds of lunch combination there and all of them are 780 yen ($7.5). Lunch combination has drink, salad, rice and 2 kinds of curry. Their curry dose not like Indian and it is like curry soup but it was spicy. We like them very much. Also, price is better.

Erirai (Italian Restaurant)

This restaurant is organized by community for mother who has a baby. So, there is small gift shop for mother and we could find a lot of people who have a baby. We ate lunch combination (850 yen = $8).

The salad is buffet and we ca eat until we get the main dish.

My husband choose meet dish and I choose fish dish.

Both of the dishes are good, especially we were satisfied the prise of this lunch combination.

Dutch Bread

This bread is come from Netherlands. So, we call "Dutch Bread". Also, we call "Tiger Bread" because the surface is like a tiger skin.