Saturday, July 24, 2010


Because the shape likes "focaccia", so I believed this bread is from Italy. However, this is from south France, I heard. Unnn, so interesting!

Haman Koura (Seafood restaurant)

We went to have a lunch at "Haman Koura Seafood restaurant". We arrived there almost moon and there were so many customers! There are 5 kids of lunch combinations and all of them are 1000 yen ($10). My husband ate "Boiled fish lunch".

Mine is "Daily lunch".

These fish are so fresh and delicious. We are so lucky to find this good restaurant!

Steam Locomotive Train

We got the ticket of steam locomotive train. This train run every Saturday and Sunday from Kumamoto to Hitoyoshi station. It is so popular and is difficult to get the ticket. We were so lucky!!

Inside the train, number of seats are not many and we can find lounge and shop.

Here is the lounge and we can see beautiful view!!

We bought lunch box (500 yen =$5). It is very old type Japanese lunch box and it looked nostalgic. The taste is awesome and it made us very exciting!!

It took about 2 hours ride, however it was really good memory for us!

Graham Bread

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ken Urara (Japanese restaurant)

We found this restaurant in magazine and wanted visit there. We ate lunch combinations.
My lunch(880 yen = $9) is Chinese-Japanese food and I found Sashimi (law fish), boiled vegetables and Chinese style pan-fried octopus.

My husband lunch (1380 yen = $14) is variety of Japanese traditional food. They looked very beautiful. I really love them.

The building of this restaurant is also beautiful and many customer visited in the lunch time. Finally, we got dessert and dessert is coffee and milk pudding. Yummy!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Last week, I made 3 kinds of bread.

Here is honey bread. I put honey jello into the dough.
This one is curry bun. I put curry paste into the bun.

Last one is Edamame & Cheese bread. When I saw the recipe of this, I felt Edamame and Cheese was not good combination but after baking and eating them, it is so good combination!!

Petit Shun (Cake shop)

Now a days, I found a lot of cake shop near my apartment. Here is the one of them.

Each of these cakes are little small but the price is little cheaper than other shop. I love all of them which I bought, especially peach one is really awesome!! I think I can eat it only in summer, so I definitely will go this shop again ant but it!!

Everest kitchen (Indian restaurant)

My husband and I went to have a lunch to this restaurant. There are some kinds of lunch combination and we ate "Everest lunch combo". The lunch combo has soup salad, chicken, drink, rice, Indian bread and ice cream. At first, they served mango juice and bean soup.
Then, they took chicken, curry and Indian bread. Surprisingly, we can eat Indian bread, rice and curry ass much as we can eat. This combo is 1000 yen ($10) and I think it is valuable to eat!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I M Corporation (Outlet sweets factory)

Here is the outlet sweets factory and I really wanted to check what they are buying. This company makes many kinds of sweets, such as cream puff, cookies and pound cake. And also, they sells their outlet sweets.
However, when I saw their sweets, I cannot find any bad point and cannot understand why they are outlet... Because they are worse locking, they are sold much cheaper than the price we buy in the shop. I bought some kinds of cream puff ($0.5 each).

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bread and Cake

Here is the one I made this week. I mixed chili powder in the dough and it made little spicy.

They are butter cakes. I put the Orange juice and peel in them. I think they are summer cake!