Monday, May 3, 2010

Travel to Taiwan (2nd. day)

In the morning, we visited one of the famous temple in Taipei. Even though week day, there were many people.

Then, we went to see the market. I really like to visit market because I want to know what people eat everyday in this country. At the meet shop, I found this.... pig foot

At the fish shop, I found this... frogs....

I like deli and we could found many kinds of Chinese food in this deli.

They had already packed in the plastic bags.

In this day, we ate fried pork for dinner. The fried pork was cooked with many kinds of Chinese spices and it made me crazy!! It is so delicious and I love it!!

Also, I ate desserts (dumpling in the sweet read bean soup and sticky rice with soy bean powder).

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mtnbiker404 said...

It looks like you saw some pretty interesting food there in Taiwan. My parents eat pig's feet too. But, I think they look funny. I don't think I would eat them.

Take care ~