Friday, May 28, 2010

Graham Bread

I became much bigger than I expected and heavier!!

Antrume Kaju (Cake shop)

Some of my friends know I really love cakes!! So, they recommended me some fo the good cake shop. here is one of them. The cake house is very cute and they also sell flowers and small gift. I am so surprised because shop keepers are really nice people. They smails everytime and talk with customers and their children.
I bought 4 cakes and all of them look great, actually taste is awesome!!

Oh, I cannot decide which cake shop is the best for me....

New camera!

My camera is almost dying, so I got new one!! Love it!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My bread

In this week, I made 3 kinds of bread.
First one is "Cinnamon Roll". I have the first time to make them but they look good???

Next one is "Onion Bread". I mixed onion with dough. Taste is good but smell is not good.

Third one is "Table Roll". Thy are just plain roll and are for breakfast.

Today's lunch

In this day, we went to see "Pottery market" and bought some.

After shopping, we went to "Ura cafe" near pottery market. I like this cafe because food is very good , especially dessert!!
My husband ordered "baby bamboo combination". Baby bamboo is the season these days and very tasty. There are many kinds of food in lunch box and looked very gorgeous.

I ordered pasta combination.

My lunch combination has dessert!! Today's dessert is vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake and green tea cake. All of them are fantastic and amazing. I am so happy!!

Sweet memory (Bakery)

On the way to our house, we dropped the one pretty bakery. One of my Friend recommended me to visit there. This bakery is very small but very cute and fancy. There is also cafe and some of the customer eat the bare with coffee or tea.

We bought some and each shape is heart, pig or flower. Sooo cute!!

After leaving the bakery, we saw beautiful flower park. We could see poppy flower!!

ZENZO (Japanese restaurant)

Because my husband birthday, we went to fancy restaurant!!

At first, we dropped in "Rose garden" near this restaurant. There are many kinds of roses in house and outside. However, most of the rose outside are not bloom...

Inside the house, we could see beautiful roses and smell very good.

Then, we went to Japanese restaurant. Here is the entrance and the owner of this restaurant rebuilt old Japanese house.

This restaurant is Japanese BBQ style & buffet. We choose meat, fish or vegetables. And we baked them in the Irori (Japanese fire place). It made me so fun and I ate a lot. My husband really like this style and he want to come again.

Confucius Park

When we went shopping by car, we found the big park. Then, we visited there. This is "Confucius Park". We did not know there is such a big and beautiful park. There is big statue of Confucius.

Also, there is beautiful building and tower.

I heard this city is friend ship town with some city of China. That is the reason why there is such a park there. Big festival is held once in a year, I heard. So, we will go this festival next time.

Hamakatsu (Japanese restaurant)

This restaurant is special for deep fry and we ate lunch there. At first, some kinds of pickles were served.

My husband ate "Deep fried pork (1480 yen = $14)"

and I ate "Deep fried pork and chicken(1080 yen = $10)".

Both of them were so crispy and juicy. My husband really like them and will come again!

Bayside Minato Cafe (Cafe)

This cafe is in the bay side but we cannot see sea.... Soooo, sad.
My husband and I had a lunch in this cafe. My husband ate seafood pasta (880 yen = $8.5) and this pasta is great!! The taste is like my mother's pasta and I really like it.

I ate fried rice covered with egg (880 yen = $8.5). Many Japanese kids like this food and I still like it.
After eating lunch, we saw some ships and the port and felt cool wind.

Grantsu Muto (Bakery)

On the way to our house, we found new bakery. The shop is small but there were many customers.

Most of the breads are around 200 yen ($2) and looked very nice. We bought 4 kinds of bread and tried them. All of them were great and we want to try another bread.

Sen-nin no Kura (Japanese restaurant)

My husband and I drove to Miyazaki pref., where is next to our pref. We had not decided which restaurant we would eat lunch but we found good one. This restaurant is used to old Japanese style warehouse.

My husband ate Japanese noodle,

I ate lunch combination. This combination was really valuable and I could eat some kinds of original food in this area.

I am so happy to know new restaurant and will recommend my friends!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Custard Bun

I forgot to put custard cream in the bread. So after baking them, I cut the bread and pasted this cream between them. They look cute!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cheese bun

I tried to make "Cheese bun (". After baking, the bun is so soft and it is yummy!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Butter Loaf

I will cut and make my sandwiches for my lunch tomorrow morning!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Travel to Taiwan (Last day)

In the morning of the last day, we went to souvenir shop to buy something for our parents. This shop is owned Taiwanese government and we can see many Taiwanese products, such as art craft, textile and sweets. We bought a lot for our friends and parents.

then, we visited national museum of Taiwan. In this museum, there are many articles about Aborigines in Taiwan. I found more than 10 minds of Aborigines there and was so surprised.

After that, we went to Taiwanese tea house and drank tea.

Also, we ate Taiwanese sweets and they were so sweets!!

Travel to Taiwan (3rd. day)

In this day, we visited observatory in 101 tower. This tower used to be the tallest tower in the world and still many people to visit there. We could see beautiful view of Taipei city.

Then, we went to electronic town. Here is thousands of small electric shops and we could see many kinds of products. Especially, many shops treat PC parts. My husband was so excited and he walked around almost 2 hours....
For dinner of this day, we ate shrimp noodle ($1),

Pan fried dumpling ($0.75 for 4)

and boiled dumpling ($1 for 4).

All of them were so delicious and we were so satisfied with our dinner.

Travel to Taiwan (2nd. day)

In the morning, we visited one of the famous temple in Taipei. Even though week day, there were many people.

Then, we went to see the market. I really like to visit market because I want to know what people eat everyday in this country. At the meet shop, I found this.... pig foot

At the fish shop, I found this... frogs....

I like deli and we could found many kinds of Chinese food in this deli.

They had already packed in the plastic bags.

In this day, we ate fried pork for dinner. The fried pork was cooked with many kinds of Chinese spices and it made me crazy!! It is so delicious and I love it!!

Also, I ate desserts (dumpling in the sweet read bean soup and sticky rice with soy bean powder).

Travel to Taiwan (1st. day)

My husband and I had a 7 days spring break and we traveled to Taiwan. It took only 2 hours and 30 minutes from our nearest international airport. We arrived to Taipei at noon and we visited Chufen. Chufen is one of the old city in country side and people still live old house. The roads are so narrow and there are many kinds of shops.

After walking around the Chufen, we had a tea time. We visited Taiwanese Tea house and drank Taiwanese tea.

At the dinner time, we went to night market and found many people there.

My husband ate beef noodle ($2.5) and I ate shrimp noodle ($1). They were so cheap but delicious. After eating, we still walked around the market and got some snacks. I need more stomach!!