Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome to my friend! (#2)

My friend, my husband and I went to Aso area. At first, we visited "Daikanbo". There is a observation deck and we saw a beautiful view (Actually little bit foggy) and took some pictures. My husband is very interested in taking pictures, so he asked my friend how to take good pictures and how to take panorama pictures. I hope my husband skill becomes better.

Then, we went to "Aso shrine". This is the oldest shrine in Kumamoto and it was built about over 1000 years ago (Off course, present building were rebuilt).

Finally, we went to "Shirakawa gensui". It is the fountainhead and the most tap water of Kumamoto area come from this fountainhead. The water is so clear and cool. We get some water into our water bottle.

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