Monday, April 26, 2010

Green Tea Bread

I rolled green tea powder and sugar into the dough. I made clover shape but .... look strange....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dobou (Japanese food)

My husband and I went to have a lunch at Dobou, which is Japanese restaurant. There ware about 10 kinds of lunch combinations and we choose ""Fried chicken with herb sauce ($10)"

and "Fried chicken with ginger sauce ($12).

Both of them were so valuable and especially I like Tofu and rice. Tofu had strong soy bean taste and it made me appetite too much.

The dessert was milk pudding and we were so satisfied with these lunch combinations. The price was not expensive and taste was great.

Food Festival

Food Festival was held in Kumamoto. My husband and I was so interested in this event and went there. In the entrance of this festival, there were many "Carp Streamers (" and they were beautiful.

Inside the hall, there were a lot of people and shops. At first, we walked around the hall and checked what they sell.

Most of shops sold their special local food. We got Hokkaido Ramen. This Ramen soup is made of fish and soy sauce. The taste was thick and I liked it.

Then, I bought ice cream, which is mixed vanilla with bitter chocolate. The combination of these 2 were great.

At last, we got some noodle and pickles for dinner. I really like these kinds of food festival!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Italian Bread

I baked Italian bread but they are little bit thick, I think. I need more study to bake bread...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beer Factory

My husband and I went to "Suntry Beer Factory". In this factory, there are several kinds of tours. We can see inside the factory and know hot to make beer. At first, we saw a video and study how to manage good beer. Then, we walked around the factory. At last, we could drink beer, juice and water, which they are made in this factory. We had 30 minutes to drink and my husband drank 4 glass of beer.... He looked so happy and had a good mood. I drank 2 glasses of beer. This tour is so nice because of free beer!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheese Scone

Scone is one of my favorite food but I have never made them by myself. Today I tried to make them. Hunnnn..... so easy, why I did not make them before???

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moisson (Bakery)

I heard this bakery is the 5th year anniversary today and has a big event. So, my husband and I went there. The shop opens from 7:30am and we arrived around 10am. There were so many customers there and we were so surprised!! In the shop, only a few bread left and they were baking many kinds of bread in the kitchen. After several minutes, many kinds of bread were coming and we could buy them. Each of them are not so expensive and looked delicious. We bought about 5 bread. After returning home, we ate them and most of them were so soft and sweet. I love them very much and definitely will go again.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

English Muffin

I made English Muffin. I will make sandwich with this muffin for my lunch tomorrow!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Welcome to my friend! (#4)

My friend gave a calender and he took each pictures and choose them. I am so impressed it and really happy to get it. Now, he lived in Japan but he is photographer in the US. He shows many awesome pictures of his Japanese life in his HP( Please check them.

Welcome to my friend! (#3)

The last day, we visited "Tsujun-kyo". This is a water road from fountain to farm but it was so big. Before flushing water, we checked best point to take pictures. Many people came there and walked around this bridge.

Then, at noon, water flush started. It was so exciting and impressed scene for me. I saw this water on the bridge and also in the ground. My friend and my husband concentrated to take pictures. It looked so fun.

Welcome to my friend! (#2)

My friend, my husband and I went to Aso area. At first, we visited "Daikanbo". There is a observation deck and we saw a beautiful view (Actually little bit foggy) and took some pictures. My husband is very interested in taking pictures, so he asked my friend how to take good pictures and how to take panorama pictures. I hope my husband skill becomes better.

Then, we went to "Aso shrine". This is the oldest shrine in Kumamoto and it was built about over 1000 years ago (Off course, present building were rebuilt).

Finally, we went to "Shirakawa gensui". It is the fountainhead and the most tap water of Kumamoto area come from this fountainhead. The water is so clear and cool. We get some water into our water bottle.

Welcome to my friend! (#1)

One of my friends visited our apartment from Friday night and he stayed 2 nights. My husband and I was so happy and took him some beautiful places in Kumamoto.
#1 : Suizenji park
It is Japanese traditional garden and very beautiful. Small pond, tea house, Japanese opera house and shrine... I like this and came several times.

My friend is photographer and he took a lot of pictures there. I am looking forward to seeing his pictures later.

La Tienne (Cake shop)

This shop is near my apartment but I did not know it until my friend suggested me. Their cakes are so beautiful and some of cookies looked so nice. This time, I bought "Eclair", "Opera", "Strawberry cake" and "Chest nuts cake". They are looked delicious and are really delicious. Especially, I like Eclair. The cream which is inside is smooth and not sweet. I want to try several another cakes.

Tanoue (Italian Restaurant)

My husband and I went to have a lunch at "Tanoue". This restaurant is very popular and last time we came, we could not get the seat. So, this time we arrived little early for lunch. There aer 4 different kinds of lunch combinations. My husband ate "Pasta lunch (980 yen=$9)" and I ate "Omelet lunch (980 yen=$9)".
First, they served salad.

Next, here is consomme soup. There are many kinds of vegetable in it. It looked so healthy.

Here is my husband pasta. It is tomato and egg plant pasta. It is little spicy for me.

Here is my omelet. The egg is so soft and demiglace sauce covered with egg. It is awesome!!

The dessert is milk pudding and coffee. We are so satisfied with these lunch. We definitely come again.