Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reikyo (Chinese restaurant)

This restaurant is near my house. My husband and I went there to have a lunch. There are 5 different kinds of lunch combination and all of the price is 900 yen ($9).

This is salad, and it is potatoes salad and Japanese noodle salad with soy source dressing. Japanese noodle salad was very plane but it was good.

This is my main dish which is boiled chicken with spicy soy source. it was really nice and my husband and I are favorite.

This is my husband main dish which is shrimp with sweet sour source. They are so-so. For me, they were little sweet.

This is dessert, which is milk pudding.


josie said...

Hi Mari
Does Chinese food in Japan differ much from those you find here? Which do you prefer?

Mari said...

I think it is not big different but one dish is little small in Japan.