Sunday, March 7, 2010

Japanese sake festival

We went "Japanese sake festival" today. We had the first time to go such a interesting event.

At the entrance, we should show our driver licence or other ID because of checking our age. Then, we could enter the field. All people stood, drank sake and ate something. This was very interesting scene for me.

There are more then 15 kinds of Japanese sake and we could drink 1 cup of sake free. Also, we could drink sake 100 yen ($1) each. Moreover, there are many kinds of stands, such as fried chicken, fried potatoes and so on. They are very good for sake. My husband drank and ate a lot and he gave up to drink finally, then he bought his favorite one for our dinner.


llcwine said...

Do you know the english brand name for this sake?

Thanks and keep on blogging!!!


Mari said...

Hi llcwine,
this sake is a kind of "Genshu", which is undiluted. Most sake is diluted with water after brewing to lower the alcohol content from 18-20% down to 14-16%, but genshu is not.

llcwine said...

thanks Mari, I wonder if it is sold here in the US?

Mari said...

I believe you can get it at "Mitsuwa super market(" in NJ.

llcwine said...

Thanks Mari,
I'm going to try some places in Latham/Albany NY since that is where I live.