Saturday, March 27, 2010

Drive from Tsyedate to my home

On the way to our house, we dropped to "Daikanbo", which is the observation deck in Aso. After we got off the car at the parking lot, we had to walk to observation deck for 20 min. walk. There was strong wind in this day and it was so tough to walk.

On the observation deck, we can see beautiful view. The sky was so clear and mountain was so beautiful!

Next, we dropped in the farm. We could see baby sheep and cow. They are very cute!!

We ate delicious ice cream and bought some daily products.


michael said...


The farm looks beautiful. Be careful about your use of "daily" and "dairy". They are often confused in Japanese because of the lack of differentiation between 'l' and 'r'. I think you mean "dairy products".


Mari said...

Thank you, Michael.
You are right! I wanted to say "Dairy products".