Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring festival

There is "Spring festival" at Kumamoto castle. Cherry trees are in full bloom in this week-end, so we can see beautiful cherry flowers.

At the field, there were many kinds of stands and we could buy many food, such as lunch box, ice cream and soup.

I bought "Spring lunch box" and ate it under the cherry trees. I like this season best because of beautiful cherry flowers!!

Drive from Tsyedate to my home

On the way to our house, we dropped to "Daikanbo", which is the observation deck in Aso. After we got off the car at the parking lot, we had to walk to observation deck for 20 min. walk. There was strong wind in this day and it was so tough to walk.

On the observation deck, we can see beautiful view. The sky was so clear and mountain was so beautiful!

Next, we dropped in the farm. We could see baby sheep and cow. They are very cute!!

We ate delicious ice cream and bought some daily products.

Tsuedate hot spring

My husband and I stayed in Tsuedate hot spring area. Here is a very old hot spring town and we can see many traditional and classical Japanese inn. We stayed in one of them. The town is small and we could walk around in only 30 min.

After arrived this inn, we took a bath. The bath is huge and looked beautiful.
Dinner was also beautiful. There were many kinds of dishes and I could not eat some of them because of full.

Breakfast of the next day was too much for me, too.

The dishes were so nice and I enjoyed very much. We relaxed very much in this inn. I believe that we will stay this inn again near future.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My recipe said I put much butter, so it was so difficult to mix all ingredient. These shapes are so-so, I think. However, the taste is really good!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Walnuts and Raisin Bread

I mixed Walnuts and Raisin, but they were too much. It was so difficult to make good shaped bread.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doll festival at Hita-city in Oita

My husband and I visited Hita-city because we wanted to see "Doll festival". hita-city is very old Japanese city and we can see traditional Japanese houses and shops. The road is like this...

We could see many kinds of Japanese dolls in the shop, road or musium. Here is traditional style of Japanese doll, Prince and Princess.

This is one of the modern one. They are so cute!!

This is the most traditional style, prince, princess and some servants.

We enjoyed to see them and heard about history of each doll. After that, we ate lunch. This area is very famous of baked eel, so we ate them.

Quatorze Juillet (Cake)

This shop is also near my apartment. The building is so cute and I could see many customers. Todaym I bought Cream puff, Strawberry cake, Strawberry tart and Chocolate cake. They were not good and not bad....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tomato & Basil bread

I mixed tomato juice and powder of basil with the dough and put cheese into them.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Trois grues (Cake)

This shop sell cakes and cookies. It is convenient to buy presento for my friend and family. Today, I bought 4 cakes (strawberry cake, cream puff and 2 kinds of chocolate cakes). The price is little bit expensive compared with other cake shop. Each cake was soft but it was little weet for me. All cakes looked cute but tastes were so-so...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Maruma udon (Udon restaurant)

Here is a good Udon( restaurant near my apartment. We went there to have a lunch. We arrived there and could get the seat but after noon, there were no space to sit. This restaurant is really popular one. We ate Udon with egg and meat. the noodle was soft and soup was tasty. We could understand why this is so popular.

Diner ROCA + cafe (Cafe restaurant)

This restaurant is near my apartment and it open until 10 pm everyday. We went there to have a dinner almost 9 pm.

At first, we ate fish Carpaccio.

The source was really tasty and fish was so soft. We ate them with drinking beer, so happy!!
Next, we ate egg & asparagus salad. The dressing of this salad was made from balsamic sour, so it is little sour but it made me appetite.

Next, my husband wanted to eat ram chop. This ram were really soft and juicy! I wanted to eat more!!

Last, I ate stew of pork tongue. Also, they were so soft and I could cut them with chopsticks easily.

OMG! This restaurant's food are so nice and I am crazy of them!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Japanese sake festival

We went "Japanese sake festival" today. We had the first time to go such a interesting event.

At the entrance, we should show our driver licence or other ID because of checking our age. Then, we could enter the field. All people stood, drank sake and ate something. This was very interesting scene for me.

There are more then 15 kinds of Japanese sake and we could drink 1 cup of sake free. Also, we could drink sake 100 yen ($1) each. Moreover, there are many kinds of stands, such as fried chicken, fried potatoes and so on. They are very good for sake. My husband drank and ate a lot and he gave up to drink finally, then he bought his favorite one for our dinner.

Gokoku (Japanese restaurant)

This restaurant is little bit expensive but the dish is really good. We can select white rice or brown rice in the lunch combination. My lunch combination had brown rice, miso soup, boiled pork and tofu, fried fish, fried chicken and mango pudding. My husband lunch had brown rice, miso soup, boiled pork and tofu, fish salad, tempura and mango pudding. Both of them were 1134 yen ($11). most of the dishes were tasty. However, we have to wait more than 20 minutes after ordering because of many customer...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reikyo (Chinese restaurant)

This restaurant is near my house. My husband and I went there to have a lunch. There are 5 different kinds of lunch combination and all of the price is 900 yen ($9).

This is salad, and it is potatoes salad and Japanese noodle salad with soy source dressing. Japanese noodle salad was very plane but it was good.

This is my main dish which is boiled chicken with spicy soy source. it was really nice and my husband and I are favorite.

This is my husband main dish which is shrimp with sweet sour source. They are so-so. For me, they were little sweet.

This is dessert, which is milk pudding.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Costa del sol (Bakery)

This bakery opened just end of the last year, but it has already been popular in this area. When my husband and I arrived there, many customer stayed and there were no space in the parking lot (This parking lot is for about 20 cars.). The building is so cute and inside is so pretty. We can see the kitchen of the bakery and just after baking staff takes them to the shop. Also, there is eat-in-space and we can drink free coffee, so we bought some bread and ate them there with coffee. It was little busy place because of many customer but it is acceptable for me. Their bread are so soft and they makes very careful and follow the basic method of bared, I think. Unfortunately, this is not near my house, sooo sad...

Potatoes Bread

I made flavored potatoes and put them in the dough. Also, just before baking, I put butter on them.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Banana Bread

I put Banana into the dough which is mixed with cocoa powder. Cocoa and Banana is the best combination, I think.