Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bejoux (Cake)

One of my co-worker recommended this cake shop to me and I went there today. I did not know it but it is very near my house. Today, I tried "Anju (Cream Cheese cake) 378 yen = $3.5", "Souffle Cheese cake 305 yen = $3", "Strawberry cake 336 yen = $3" and "Chocolate cake 378 yen = $3.5). As for the Cheese cake, the taste of cheese was really strong but I really like it. The texture of sponge was so soft and I think it is very skillful. After buying some cakes, I found the tea room in the shop. It looked very cozy and I will try next time.

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mtnbiker404 said...

Mmm... they all look delicious. It would be nice to have some. ^___^