Friday, January 15, 2010

Ume no Hana -2nd day at TOKYO-

We visited my husband parents' house this day and all of us went to have a lunch at "Ume no Hana". It is famous as Tofu restaurant and I was looking forward to eating good Tofu. We ate special course in this season. The first some dishes were plain tofu and boiled vegetables.

The next dishes were raw fish and boiled dumpling.

The next were dried bean curd and fried tofu with vegetable source.

The next were Tempura, rice and miso soup.

Then, boiled fish, pan-fried beef and fried fish.

The last one was dessert and it was dumpling with soy bean powder.
Every dish was used with tofu or soy bean. It was amazing and every dishes were so nice. However, I was soooo full.

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