Friday, January 15, 2010

Serena -1st day at TOKYO-

The dinner time, my husband attend Wedding party of his co-worker. Otherwise, I met my friends and ate dinner together. One of my friends recommended this Italian restaurant and we went there. We choose prefixed menu (5000 yen each; $50). The first dish was potato pancake as appetizer. We could select second dish and I choose Italian style dipping vegetables. Some of my friends choose deer meet. The dip was mixed with onion, so it made me appetizing.

The next dish was pasta. We ate shrimp and anchovy pasta, gnocchi with cheese source and lasagna.

The main was boiled pork with balsamic source and roasted duck. The duck was very soft and tasty.

The last dish was dessert. Egg pudding, nuts tart and mango ice cream were on the dish. After eating main dish, I have already full. However I could eat dessert because they were delicious!!

This restaurant is very small but it is like my parents house and it made me cozy. I love it!

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