Friday, January 15, 2010


We had a three day-off and visited to TOKYO. In the first day, we met my mother and had a lunch together. We reserved "RISTRANTE HiRo CENTRO" where is very famous as delicious Italian food. I was so exciting to eat. We ordered C-course lunch and it costs 3500 yen ($35). The first meal was appetizer and my mother and I choose fish (raw fish with white radish) and my husband choose beef (beef with some vegetables).

Next dish was roasted foie gras with wild curry flavored wild rice. The foie gras was really soft and tasty.

The main food was pasta. My mother and my husband choose beef with tomato source and I choose squid with olive oil.

The last dish was dessert. My mother choose egg pudding, my husband choose chocolate ice cream and I choose strawberry with cream. The egg pudding was awesome!! I really love it. It is the best pudding I have ever eaten.

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mtnbiker404 said...

All the food in your blogs looks so delicious. It must be wonderful for you and your husband to go and try so many different things.