Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ramen noodle Festival

In this weekend, there are Ramen noodle festival. There are over 20 Ramen noodle restaurant attendance in this festival. I got 2 tickets, and my husband and I went this festival. Every shop has special stand outside the building. We could get the Ramen and went inside the building and ate it.

1 Ramen: "Rairai-ken" at Tamana city.
This soup is made from pork and is little thick for me. My husband likes this kind of Ramen soup.

2 Ramen: "Daisen".
This Ramen has little soup and we dipped noodle with the soup. The noodle was thick and the taste of soup was soy-source. It is little oily but I like this!

3 Ramen: "Syoutenyu" at Uki city.
This soup is fruity and I think they made the soup from pork, fish and citrus. It is not oily and I really like this soup. My husband said "This soup is very light and it is for women."
Finally, we ate 2 bowls of Ramen and we were soooo full.

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mtnbiker404 said...

Mmm, that looks good. You had a lot of different types of Ramen noodles to choose from. Lucky you =)