Sunday, January 31, 2010

Himawari-tei (Japanese restaurant)

My husband and I visited Hitoyoshi area today. It is famous for good hot springs. At the lunch time, we went to "Himawari-tei". The owners of this restaurant are house wife of this area and they cooked lunch together using their vegetables. As for the restaurant, traditional Japanese house were remodeled and it looks very cozy.

There are only 2 menu at the lunch time but the food were awesome! Also, it was only 1000 yen ($10).

In February, there will be held "Doll Festival" in this area, so Japanese dolls were decorated in this restaurant and they are so pretty and cute!

Ramen noodle Festival

In this weekend, there are Ramen noodle festival. There are over 20 Ramen noodle restaurant attendance in this festival. I got 2 tickets, and my husband and I went this festival. Every shop has special stand outside the building. We could get the Ramen and went inside the building and ate it.

1 Ramen: "Rairai-ken" at Tamana city.
This soup is made from pork and is little thick for me. My husband likes this kind of Ramen soup.

2 Ramen: "Daisen".
This Ramen has little soup and we dipped noodle with the soup. The noodle was thick and the taste of soup was soy-source. It is little oily but I like this!

3 Ramen: "Syoutenyu" at Uki city.
This soup is fruity and I think they made the soup from pork, fish and citrus. It is not oily and I really like this soup. My husband said "This soup is very light and it is for women."
Finally, we ate 2 bowls of Ramen and we were soooo full.

Tensui (Hot spring)

There are a lot of hot springs in my area. Today, my husband and I went to "Tensui". It took only 30 min. by car from our house. It is in the small mountain, so we could see beautiful scenery from the hot spring. Also, there is good restaurant in the same building. We could eat lunch after taking a bath. My husband ate fried chicken combination and I ate boiled octopus. because this hot spring is on the mountain, I think it could be good view in the night time, so I will go there again!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coffee Bread

I mixed coffee powder into the dough and after baking I put the coffee taste icing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cheese Bread

I made Cheese bread. I put cheese stick into the dough. It is for my lunch today!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Marche Japon

Marche Japon was held this weekend. My husband and I went to see there. There were many stands and a wagon restaurant. Unfortunately, it was little cold outside but we got hot soup and bread. Off course, there were other food, such as hamburger, fried beef, noodles and so on. Also, we got cheap organic vegetables. I like these kinds of events because I can buy many kinds of products and know many shop.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chocolate marbled bread

Today, I made Chocolate marbled bread. I mixed dice of chocolate with dough and baked.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hinatama Kokko (Cake)

The owner of this shop has chicken farm, so they sell fresh egg and sweets which are made by their egg. I was so surprised because there were many customers to buy eggs. Some of them buy 1 box (more than 100 eggs). Today, we bought egg pudding and cake. The pudding tasted awesome! Also, cake was soooo soft and melted in the mouth. My husband fascinate their pudding!!

Mint (Cake shop)

My husband and I wen to have la unch at "Mint". This ship is cake shop but they serve lunch. My husband ate sandwich and i ate bread. There are 4 lunch menu and all of them have dessert and drink. Also, all bread and sweet are home made and they are delicious, especially cakes! next time, I want to try another cakes!

Chichigashi-ya (Cake)

This shop is near my apartment but I haven't gone there before. The shop is tiny and 2 people is enough for its space. The shop is special for egg pudding and I can find many kinds of pudding. Today, I bought standard one, chocolate flavor, milk flavor and 3 layer pudding. The milk flavor and chocolate flavor were good but standard one is the best for me. 3 layer pudding was layered with milk, cafe au lait and coffee flavor. It looks pretty. Also, this shop sells roll cake , cookies and chocolate. Next time, I want to try another cake.

Fu ron (Chinese cafe)

This restaurant is near the small lake and they serve Chinese lunch. My husband and I went there and had "Soup lunch combination" and "Noodle lunch combination". The first dishes were salad and side dish (boiled spinach).

Next dishes were Noodle or soup. I choose corn soup and my husband choose Chinese noodle. In the noodle, there were many kinds of vegetables and it tasted really good.

Next dish was congee.

Then, we could choise 2 kinds of dim-sums. We choose variety of dumplings.

The last one was dessert. It was almond pudding.

Because the view from this restaurant is really good and also dishes were great, I like this restaurant and will go again.

Toricyaya -the last day at TOKYO-

I met my friends who were studied at SUNY together. They graduated last May and we promised to meet in Japan. One of them works in the government bank at TOKYO and the other friend works in the Ministry of the agriculture at TOKYO. So, it was the chance to meet them. I was so happy to meet and talk about our memory and recent job. Also, the food was god. This restaurant serve traditional Japanese bowl rice with chicken and egg. We enjoyed very much.

Friday, January 15, 2010

No no Budo -2nd day at TOKYO-

At the dinner time, we met my brother's family at organic buffet. This buffet restaurant treat organic vegetables and they serve many kinds of vegetable food. Salad, boiled vegetables, Tempura, soup and so on. Most of the food were fascinated me and I ate too much. My brother's daughters were crazy about green tea ice cream and they also eat too much ice cream. Because we haven't met more than 1 year, we talked a lot, and ate and drank a lot. It was so happy time for me!

Ume no Hana -2nd day at TOKYO-

We visited my husband parents' house this day and all of us went to have a lunch at "Ume no Hana". It is famous as Tofu restaurant and I was looking forward to eating good Tofu. We ate special course in this season. The first some dishes were plain tofu and boiled vegetables.

The next dishes were raw fish and boiled dumpling.

The next were dried bean curd and fried tofu with vegetable source.

The next were Tempura, rice and miso soup.

Then, boiled fish, pan-fried beef and fried fish.

The last one was dessert and it was dumpling with soy bean powder.
Every dish was used with tofu or soy bean. It was amazing and every dishes were so nice. However, I was soooo full.

Serena -1st day at TOKYO-

The dinner time, my husband attend Wedding party of his co-worker. Otherwise, I met my friends and ate dinner together. One of my friends recommended this Italian restaurant and we went there. We choose prefixed menu (5000 yen each; $50). The first dish was potato pancake as appetizer. We could select second dish and I choose Italian style dipping vegetables. Some of my friends choose deer meet. The dip was mixed with onion, so it made me appetizing.

The next dish was pasta. We ate shrimp and anchovy pasta, gnocchi with cheese source and lasagna.

The main was boiled pork with balsamic source and roasted duck. The duck was very soft and tasty.

The last dish was dessert. Egg pudding, nuts tart and mango ice cream were on the dish. After eating main dish, I have already full. However I could eat dessert because they were delicious!!

This restaurant is very small but it is like my parents house and it made me cozy. I love it!


We had a three day-off and visited to TOKYO. In the first day, we met my mother and had a lunch together. We reserved "RISTRANTE HiRo CENTRO" where is very famous as delicious Italian food. I was so exciting to eat. We ordered C-course lunch and it costs 3500 yen ($35). The first meal was appetizer and my mother and I choose fish (raw fish with white radish) and my husband choose beef (beef with some vegetables).

Next dish was roasted foie gras with wild curry flavored wild rice. The foie gras was really soft and tasty.

The main food was pasta. My mother and my husband choose beef with tomato source and I choose squid with olive oil.

The last dish was dessert. My mother choose egg pudding, my husband choose chocolate ice cream and I choose strawberry with cream. The egg pudding was awesome!! I really love it. It is the best pudding I have ever eaten.

South Aso area

In the last day of New Year's holiday, my husband and I went to South Aso area and had a hot spring. At first, we dropped the restaurant and had a lunch. This restaurant looked classical Japanese house and I was so interested in this.

I ate hot pot and mixed rice. There were many kinds of vegetables in this hot pot and looked very healthy.

My husband ate special food of this area. Also, they looked very healthy.
This restaurant is variable to go for 1 hour driving!

UPUP Cafe (Cafe)

In New Year's day, my husband and I visited shrine. On the way to return home, we dropped this cafe. There were some lunch combinations and we ate pasta one. The pasta combination has salad, soup, bread and pasta. The salad was potato salad and soup was consomme. Bread were small but there are some kinds of flavors, such as carrot, spinach and potato. This cafe is small but very cozy. I understand there are many customers in there.

(Soup and salad)

(potato pasta)

(Plum pasta)

(Tea and yogurt ice cream)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Cocoa & Chocolate Bread

I mixed cocoa powder and chocolate chips in the dough. The smell is awesome!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Day

In New Year's day, it is custom to visit shrine in Japan. My husband and I visited 3 shrines today. We wished for the new year are made, and bought new charm. There were many people in every shrine but it made me exciting! I like the atmosphere of New Year's day!!