Thursday, December 31, 2009

To eat fish

My husband and I wen to buy fresh fish to fish market. This fish market is very famous and it took about 2 hours from our apartment. When we arrived there, many people have already been there and the market was so clouded.

At first, we walked around each shop and bought some food, such as Sushi, fried fish and fish soup. They were so cheap and awesome. I really love them.

After eating, we bought many fish for New Year's day!

On the way to our apartment, we dropped the Shimonoseki, where is famous as old building. This area was kept to old building.They look so classical but beautiful.

Go to fish market made me little tired but I was so fun.


mtnbiker404 said...

Happy New Year. The fish market certainly does look crowded (not clouded - a cloud is water vapor in the sky). I guess the food must be really good... and, like you said, inexpensive. That's a great combination. It's wonderful that you and your husband are able to go out and try many different kinds of foods.

Have a good weekend ~

Mari said...

Thanx to suggest my terrible English. As you mentioned, I wanted to say "crowded".