Sunday, December 6, 2009

Houbun (Cafe)

This restaurant uses old cave and it makes me interesting. The food are American-Italian. My husband and I went there to have a lunch. Their lunch combinations are about 1000 yen ($10). All of the combinations have salad, soup, bread or rice, coffee and dessert. My husband ate tomato pasta and I ate 3 main (omelet, hamburger and cream stew) lunch. Both of the volumes are so big. It was difficult to eat all of them. As for the dessert, there were green tea cake and cocoa pudding in a dish. They looked good and actually they were delicious!! Off course, this restaurant is very popular for women, so we should arrive there before noon.


mtnbiker404 said...

Your lunch looks delicious. And it was reasonably priced too. That's good to hear.

Albany Jane said...

Wow, those meals were very large! But the cream sauce looks good!