Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kourantei (Chinese restaurant)

My husband and I went to have a lunch at "Kourantei". It was one of the oldest Chinese restaurant in our area. We ate lunch combination (950 yen = $9). It contained noodle, fried spicy pork, rice, boiled chicken salad and dessert. One of my friend recommended me to eat noodle in this restaurant and it was great! There are many kinds of vegetables on the noodle and it looked so healthy. Many people wanted to eat this noodle and after noon some people were waiting to take the seat in this restaurant.

To eat fish

My husband and I wen to buy fresh fish to fish market. This fish market is very famous and it took about 2 hours from our apartment. When we arrived there, many people have already been there and the market was so clouded.

At first, we walked around each shop and bought some food, such as Sushi, fried fish and fish soup. They were so cheap and awesome. I really love them.

After eating, we bought many fish for New Year's day!

On the way to our apartment, we dropped the Shimonoseki, where is famous as old building. This area was kept to old building.They look so classical but beautiful.

Go to fish market made me little tired but I was so fun.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Line Garden (German restaurant)

This restaurant's owner is has a farm and meat shop, so we can eat fresh and good quality meat there. My husband ate hamburger with mushroom sauce and I ate stew. All food has salad, soup, bread, rice and fruits. They are very valuable. Of course, their food were awesome and many customer were there. After eating our lunch, we bought pork in the shop, where is next to this restaurant. They were so cheap!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Today's work

1. Chocolate bread.

2. Tea Bread

3. Doughnuts (Vanilla, Chocolate and Green tea)

Making bread is fun but it made me little tired today...

Monday, December 21, 2009


I had a first time to make waffle!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

floresta (doughnut)

I went to new doughnuts shop "floresta". They use only organic ingredients and are famous as their good taste. Today, I bought plain, chocolate, cocoa and tea flavor. After returning my apartment, I ate them. Even though they are fried doughnuts but they did not taste oily and they are so light taste. I am really surprised it. I want to try another flavor soon.

Ohne-no-Hana (Japanese Restaurant)

My husband and I went there to have a lunch. There were some lunch combinations and we ate "Boiled pork lunch" and "Fried chicken lunch". Both of them had appetizer, salad, drink, rice, miso-soup and side dishes. Their food was awesome and I think it is good idea to have a lunch even if we drive for over 30 minutes. We definitely return to come there!!

(Side dishes)

(Boiled pork)

(Fried Chicken)

German House (German Restaurant)

I went there to buy smoke bacon and ham. This restaurant has a farm in Aso area and they use their own caws and pigs to make ham or something like that. They asked me to tasting their products and I tried them. However, it made me confused because everything were awesome and I could not decide which one I would buy.... So, I asked my husband and he bought 3 kinds of ham, sausage and bacon.

Ahashi (Indian Restaurant)

I really wanted to eat Curry, so I looked for Indian restaurant and went there. This restaurant has lunch combination and I ate it. The lunch combination had Salad, Curry, Nan, Tandoori and drink (1330 yen = $13). Their Curry was so nice and that's is the one I wanted to eat!! Definitely, I will go again when I want to eat Indian food.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Benitora-Gyouza-Bou (Chinese Restaurant)

This restaurant has a lot of branches and we sometimes go there. Today, we ate fried dumpling, Ramen-noodle and fried rice. Dumpling were awesome and they were so juicy and tasty. I love them. Ramen-noodle was so-so but my husband likes it. I had a first time to eat sesame fried rice. It looked little thick taste, however it was very light and little soy-sauce taste. It was good. Every time I go there, it is difficult to decide which I eat because every food are so good for me.

Outlet Mall

My husband and I went to buy some stuff in Outlet Mall at Tosu. It took about 1 and half hours from our apartment. It is smaller than I expected but there were many people. We strolled around many stores, and bought my husband bag and sweater, my coat and daily food. Walk around many stores were fun but if I have more money, it makes me more fun!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

MaMa-KoKo (Chinese restaurant)

This is very casual Chinese restaurant. My husband and I went to there to have lunch. There are some lunch combination and all of them are under 1000 yen ($10). My husband ate spicy pork lunch and I ate boiled pork lunch. All lunch combination have salad, dessert, appetizer and Ramen-noodle. The amount of this made me so full and satisfied. I think these lunch combination were valuable and I will try another combination!

Drive to Aso area

My husband and I drove to Aso area, where is fa mouse as Aso mountain. At first, we went to "Aso shrine". It is the very old shrine and many people go there in the new year's day. It is smaller than I expected but it is very calm and also many people came there.

At the lunch tine, we went to "Aso-ji" where we can eat traditional food of Aso area. We ate lunch combination (Fried rice with vegetable, boiled organ meat and traditional miso soup). There were so many customers in this restaurant and we were so surprised. As mentioned to these customers, their food was really good and we liked them very much.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cheese Bread

I mixed grated cheese with dough and put them over the bread before baking. After baking, their smells were soooo nice.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Houbun (Cafe)

This restaurant uses old cave and it makes me interesting. The food are American-Italian. My husband and I went there to have a lunch. Their lunch combinations are about 1000 yen ($10). All of the combinations have salad, soup, bread or rice, coffee and dessert. My husband ate tomato pasta and I ate 3 main (omelet, hamburger and cream stew) lunch. Both of the volumes are so big. It was difficult to eat all of them. As for the dessert, there were green tea cake and cocoa pudding in a dish. They looked good and actually they were delicious!! Off course, this restaurant is very popular for women, so we should arrive there before noon.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hot spring in Hinagu

My husband and I went to Hinagu and took a bath. Hinagu is an old town and famous as hot spring. In the town, there are 3 public bath and we went to the biggest one. The bath is so big and there were many people to take. After taking a bath, we ate lunch and took a rest. It is like a heaven....

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fig Bread

I put dried-Fig into the dough. The smell is little sweet and it makes me hungry.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Araki (Wine shop & Italian restaurant)

Here is the best wine shop in my area. There are hundreds of variety of wine, beer, Japanese wine and liquors. My husband and I wanted to buy good wine but we could not decide which one because of the amount of wine. So, we asked the owner and choose some. The owner is good person and he knows everything about wine. We talked a lot and had a good time.
Inside the shop, there is a restaurant. We ate lunch there. The restaurant is cozy and we could ate good Italian food. Of course, we can bring wine from the shop. It is good system for this shop and for us.