Saturday, November 21, 2009

kayu-ism (Chinese restaurant)

I want there to have a dinner. There were some dinner combination and I tried to recommendation of the chef. At first, they served "Tofu salad". Tofu is mixed with cheese and it tasted really good.

Next, I ate sauteed scallop and vegetables with salt and other spices. The scallops were so soft and best salty.

Then, I ate fried spring roll. It was very crispy and I liked it!

The main meal was porridge. It was shrimp porridge. Unfortunately, It was not good. The meal was not hot and I was really disappointed.

Finally, I tried dessert and today's dessert was "Mango Pudding". I am crazy about Mango and this pudding was awesome! I will come this restaurant again only to eat this pudding.

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