Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day trip to Yamaga

My husband and I drove to Yamaga for day trip. In Yamaga, I heard there is an old Japanese theater and I really wanted to see it. There it is!

It was built about 100 years ago and it still work. It is made wood and I tried to see inside.

I side the theater, there are Tatami seat (not chair) and it made me interesting. The guide of this theater explain the history and each part of the theater.

After that, we visited the museum of this city. This city of famous as lantern festival and the lantern is made only paper and glue, not using metal or bamboo... also, it made me interesting!

Then, we went to have a lunch. My husband ate sauteed pork and I ate hot of of Tofu. Their taste was nice and we were satisfied.

On the way to our house, we dropped to the shop, which looked Melon-shape. It is actually Melon shop but there were many kinds of other fruits and vegetables. I tried to eat Melon ice cream and bought some vegetables.

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