Monday, November 30, 2009

Ceramic Festival

The city of "Arita" is famous as ceramic. There are big ceramic festival twice in a year. This time, my husband and I went to "Fall Ceramic Festival". It took about 2 hours from our apartment by car. When we arrived there, we parked and walked around the main street. In the street, there are many ceramic shops and factories. We can buy good cheep ceramics. I thought we walked about 5km to see many shops.

In the lunch time, we ate lunch combination at the small ceramic shop. The lunch combination was only 600 yen ($6) but the taste was really good, especially soup.

After eating lunch, we walked again and bought some dishes.

Here is the dish I bought!!

I was sooooo tired.... but I want to go there next spring festival!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cream Bread

I put vanilla cream into the bread.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day trip to Kagoshima

My husband and I drove to Kagoshima for day-trip. It is famous as hot spring! At first, we visited "Kirishima shrine". It is smaller than I expected but it was calm and very grave place. We saw some beautiful old buildings and took some pictures.

At the lunch time, we ate pork because this area's pork (black pork) are very famous. My husband ate deep fried pork and I ate hot pot. The pork was so soft and juicy!! We will come again near future!!!!

Day trip to Yamaga

My husband and I drove to Yamaga for day trip. In Yamaga, I heard there is an old Japanese theater and I really wanted to see it. There it is!

It was built about 100 years ago and it still work. It is made wood and I tried to see inside.

I side the theater, there are Tatami seat (not chair) and it made me interesting. The guide of this theater explain the history and each part of the theater.

After that, we visited the museum of this city. This city of famous as lantern festival and the lantern is made only paper and glue, not using metal or bamboo... also, it made me interesting!

Then, we went to have a lunch. My husband ate sauteed pork and I ate hot of of Tofu. Their taste was nice and we were satisfied.

On the way to our house, we dropped to the shop, which looked Melon-shape. It is actually Melon shop but there were many kinds of other fruits and vegetables. I tried to eat Melon ice cream and bought some vegetables.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

kayu-ism (Chinese restaurant)

I want there to have a dinner. There were some dinner combination and I tried to recommendation of the chef. At first, they served "Tofu salad". Tofu is mixed with cheese and it tasted really good.

Next, I ate sauteed scallop and vegetables with salt and other spices. The scallops were so soft and best salty.

Then, I ate fried spring roll. It was very crispy and I liked it!

The main meal was porridge. It was shrimp porridge. Unfortunately, It was not good. The meal was not hot and I was really disappointed.

Finally, I tried dessert and today's dessert was "Mango Pudding". I am crazy about Mango and this pudding was awesome! I will come this restaurant again only to eat this pudding.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Because the Christmas is coming next month, I tried to make "Stollen (". I had a first time to make it but it looked better. I will try again before Christmas.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Walnut and Cheese Bread

I mixed walnut with dough and put cheese inside. They are my tomorrow's lunch!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Raisin bread

I put dried-raisin and fried blueberry in the dough.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maple Roll

I used Maple syrup instead of sugar. Their smell are really sweet!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beautiful Foliage

My husband and I joined the one-day tour to see beautiful foliage. We went to "Gokanosyou", where is very country side and there is only narrow road in this area. As I was looking forward, the foliage was awesome and we took a lot of pictures! Also, we saw the beautiful fall and tried to pass the hanging bridge but I was really scared because of height. We could see many beautiful scenery and had a good lunch. I was so satisfied to join this tour!

Keika Ramen (Ramen Noodle)

I heard this Ramen is one of the representative of Kumamoto Ramen, so my husband and I wen to eat there. I ate standard Ramen and my husband ate spicy one. Standard one was similar to Yokohama Ramen, whose soup is made from pork. Spicy one was really spicy for me but my husband liked it very much.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Takaraya (Bakery)

I found good bakery on the way to the lab. This shop looked old and actually it is old. It opened at 7:00am eveyday and many people buy bread before they go to the office. I did, too. I bought sandwiches and some sweet bread. I love this sandwich, especially bread. They are so soft and their tast is little sweet. There are a lot of bakery in my area because there are some very famouse water spring. Good water makes good bread!! I want to find good bakery more!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Strawberry Cheesecake

Today, I made "Strawberry Cheesecake". It was very easy, and I just mixed with all ingredient and baked.

Karatsu Kunchi

One of my Japanese friends in Albany visited her parents house from last week. She asked me to meet and see the famous festival, "Karatsu Kunchi (". It took about 2 and half hours from my city by bus. We arrived around noon and met my friends and her husband. They looked fine and I was so happy to see them. Her father is from Karatsu city and he knows everything about this festival. He guided us, and it made us fun and exciting! My husband took a lot of pictures. There are 14 different kinds of big displays and they are awesome. We enjoyed very much and time went too fast... I did not have enough time to talk with my friend.

Tsukasa-no-Yu (Hot spring)

There are a lot of hot spring around my area. So, my husband and I go to hot spring almost every weekend. This time, we wen to "Tsukasa-no-Yu". It took about 1 hour from our apartment by car. This hot spring is very big and it is with good restaurant. We enjoyed hot spring and sauna. After taking hot spring, we went to the restaurant and got the buffet lunch. The number of meals are not many but each of the meals were so nice. There were Chinese food, Japanese food and Italian food. We enjoy eating a lot. After eating, we took a nap in the
lounge and return to home. The hot spring make us relax very much.