Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21 (Korea -> Japan)

We ate bread as break fast, packed our luggage and checked out.
At first we went to "Busan station" because my husband likes train very much and he takes a train pictures every country we traveled. At the station, he took a lot of pictures.

After that, we went to China town but this China town is so small and I am not interested in it.

At lunch time, we ate spicy chicken BBQ. This was really spicy but we ate all of them.

Our returning ship was left at 3:15pm and arrived at Hakata, Japan at 6:20pm.
In Korea, we ate many kinds of Korean food and I enjoyed very much. I think Korea is very near out town and I definitely have a chance to go again!!


llcwine said...

all the food looks very good and your pictures are great.

Mari said...

Thank you. I really love Korean food and people!