Monday, September 21, 2009

September 20 at Korea

For the breakfast, we went to the restaurant near hotel and ate clam porridge (W10000=$8)and echinoid soup (W700=$5.6). The tastes were great and we love them.

After eating break fast, we went to "Busan tower" by metro. On the way to the tower, I found many cute statue in the town. They are so pretty!

The tower looked small but the view was nice because of good weather. We took a lot of pictures.

Then, we went to "International market" and saw cheap products, such as bags, see weeds and cosmetics. Also, we went to fish market because we heard there are many good restaurant near fish market. Right! We saw a lot of them and ate lunch at buffet style restaurant (W12000=$9.2). We ate fresh fish and good Korean BBQ. It made me kill.... I was so full...

In the after noon, we went to supermarket and bought some souvenir.

The shopping made us tired and we went to Korean traditional tea salon and both of us drank Korean traditional tea. It was good for health.

As for the dinner, we want to eat light meals and then, ate the spicy Korean noodle (W5000=$4)and beef soup (W8000=$6.4).

We cannot eat anymore...

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