Monday, September 21, 2009

September 19 (Japan -> Korea)

We left the hotel at 7:00am and went to international port at Hakata. We got tickets and had snacks. However, the weather was terrible, especially wind was so strong. Some of the customers got sick and looked terrible. My husband and I were OK. After 3 hours, we got the Korea international port at Busan, where is the second biggest city in Korea.
At first we wen to hotel and checked in and then, walked around the hotel.

(The view from our room at hotel)

There were many kinds of restaurant and found good one. We ate pork soup (W5000=$4) and it was delicious.

(Pork soup)

After that, we waled around again and found many stand were in
this area.

(Many stands)

In the night, we went out again and got dinner in some stands. We ate traditional Korean food, which are only $1-5 each. So, we ate a lot and were satisfied!!

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