Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pumpkin Bread

I made "Pumpkin Bread" today. I mixed pumpkin powder with the dough and put the pumpkin seeds on the bread.


Anonymous said...

Mari, what are you doing with all this bread you are baking? A different kind every day is quite impressive. I only bake bread a couple of times a year. I may have to start doing it more!

Mari said...

Now, I am really interested in baking bread. All of the bread I baked are eaten by my husband and me.

Daniel B. said...

I noticed the same thing. You are like a bread making machine. Keep it up. I had no idea there could be such a variety.

It would be fun to also get a picture of what the bread looks like on the inside, should you manage a way to take a break from eating long enough to get a shot.