Monday, September 28, 2009

Suizenji Garden

We found there is famous garden near our apartment, then we went there. In the entrance of the garden, there are some shop, which sell snacks.

We bought entrance ticket ($4) of the garden and entered there. Wow, it was beautiful garden. There is big pond, beautiful trees and grass. We can walk around the pond.

We found the shrine and it looks very old.

After walking around the garden, we ate the famous dumpling ($1), which is made of sweet potato.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fournier (Bakery)

This bakery is so popular in this area, I heard. So, I went there. When we arrived there, there are many customers. In the shop, there are many kinds of bread and I could not decide which one I would buy. Finally, I bought some of them. All bread are baked in the kitchen of this shop and the smell were so nice and made me hungry. Fortunately, we can drink free coffee in this shop and almost all the customer got this free coffee and took it outside. There are some bench and table in the side of the shop and people were eating bread there. We also sat this bench and ate one of the bread I bought. As I imagined, it was so sweet and delicious!

Kimchi no sato (Kimchi shop)

My husband and I went to "Kimchi no sato" to buy Kimchi. Because Kimchi in the supermarket are not spicy for us, we want to get spicy Kimchi. Then, we went there. The shop sell many kinds of Kimchi, such as Cucumber Kimchi, squid Kimchi and white radish Kimchi. Also, we can try all of the products. Finally, we bought 3 different kinds of Kimchi.

Ichi-no-souko (Beer restaurant)

My husband and I went to "Ichi-no-souko" to have a lunch. The building of this restaurant was used as a warehouse long ago. Then, the owner of the restaurant remodeled this warehouse and opened the restaurant. The interior is so nice and it made me cozy. We ate pasta and chicken. All combination at the lunch time have salad, soup, bread or rice, dessert and drink. And they all under 1000 yen ($10). It is amazing because their food are so nice.

Hot dog bread

I put sausages into dough and baked them. They like hot dogs but they are more delicious!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Italian bread

I made Italian bread today. I mixed dice of black olive, dice of dried tomatoes and oregano powder.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Potage (Buffet reataurant)

This restaurant is buffet style and most of the meals are used with vegetables. They look so healthy. Their meals look beautiful and taste good. Because there are many kinds of meals, it is difficult to pick up some of them. I tried more than 10 meals. Off course, their desserts are also great. Especially, I like rolled cake. It is awesome. I strongly recommended to try it!

Suizenji Syokudou (Japanese food)

This restaurant is a cafeteria style and we can get any food which we want. However, there are many kinds of food and it is difficult to decide. Today, I choose rice, miso soup, fried egg and so on. All of them were delicious, especially fried egg was great!! I really fond of it. This restaurant is good for single person because of their variety of food and taste.

Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21 (Korea -> Japan)

We ate bread as break fast, packed our luggage and checked out.
At first we went to "Busan station" because my husband likes train very much and he takes a train pictures every country we traveled. At the station, he took a lot of pictures.

After that, we went to China town but this China town is so small and I am not interested in it.

At lunch time, we ate spicy chicken BBQ. This was really spicy but we ate all of them.

Our returning ship was left at 3:15pm and arrived at Hakata, Japan at 6:20pm.
In Korea, we ate many kinds of Korean food and I enjoyed very much. I think Korea is very near out town and I definitely have a chance to go again!!

September 20 at Korea

For the breakfast, we went to the restaurant near hotel and ate clam porridge (W10000=$8)and echinoid soup (W700=$5.6). The tastes were great and we love them.

After eating break fast, we went to "Busan tower" by metro. On the way to the tower, I found many cute statue in the town. They are so pretty!

The tower looked small but the view was nice because of good weather. We took a lot of pictures.

Then, we went to "International market" and saw cheap products, such as bags, see weeds and cosmetics. Also, we went to fish market because we heard there are many good restaurant near fish market. Right! We saw a lot of them and ate lunch at buffet style restaurant (W12000=$9.2). We ate fresh fish and good Korean BBQ. It made me kill.... I was so full...

In the after noon, we went to supermarket and bought some souvenir.

The shopping made us tired and we went to Korean traditional tea salon and both of us drank Korean traditional tea. It was good for health.

As for the dinner, we want to eat light meals and then, ate the spicy Korean noodle (W5000=$4)and beef soup (W8000=$6.4).

We cannot eat anymore...

September 19 (Japan -> Korea)

We left the hotel at 7:00am and went to international port at Hakata. We got tickets and had snacks. However, the weather was terrible, especially wind was so strong. Some of the customers got sick and looked terrible. My husband and I were OK. After 3 hours, we got the Korea international port at Busan, where is the second biggest city in Korea.
At first we wen to hotel and checked in and then, walked around the hotel.

(The view from our room at hotel)

There were many kinds of restaurant and found good one. We ate pork soup (W5000=$4) and it was delicious.

(Pork soup)

After that, we waled around again and found many stand were in
this area.

(Many stands)

In the night, we went out again and got dinner in some stands. We ate traditional Korean food, which are only $1-5 each. So, we ate a lot and were satisfied!!

September 18 at Hakata

After I finished my work that day, I went to Hakata, where we would ride the ship next day. Because the departure time of the ship would be early, we went there and stayed in hotel.
It took 2 hours by train from my house and after getting there, we had a dinner at typical Japanese bar. Their food were delicious and atmosphere was awesome. My husband and I really enjoy eating!

Silver week

Silver week had been from September 19 to 23. We have 5 continuous holidays.
September 19 : Saturday
September 20 : Sunday
September 21 : National holiday (Respect-for-the-Aged day)
September 22 : National holiday (Public holiday in Japan)
September 23 : National holiday (Autumnal equinox)
It is so nice to travel, then my husband and I decided to go to Korea!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

New job

After returning to Japan, I was looking for a job. Finally, I got a job and started to work yesterday. My new job is a research assistant of the lab in the medical school. The member of this lab study about HIV virus and it makes me interesting. I am so exciting!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pain de mie

I made "pain de mie". It is simple to make but I had to knead harder than other bread. After baking, the smell of it made me so hungry!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Salon de Words warth (Tea house)

I found the tea house "Salon de Words warth". I really like tea, so I was looking for good tea house in my area. This shop is not big but there are variety of tea, like a "Good leaf company" in Albany. I tried some of the tea which is fruit flavors. Even if the out side is very hot, I like to drink hot tea. In the shop, we can eat snacks, such as sandwiches, bagels, chocolate and cake. The shopkeeper was very friendly and it is comfortable to stay long time.

Coffee bread

I made "Coffee bread" today. I mixed coffee powder and almond powder with dough. Also, I put skim milk in it. Their taste were little sweet for me but I love them. Their smell good!

Kazahana Bijin (Cafe)

Most of the menu in this cafe are Mango sweets. I am mango mania, so I really wanted to go there. Mango parfait, mango cake, mango shave ice, mango ice cream and so on. I ate mango yogurt parfait, which is dice of mango, mango puree and yogurt ice cream. It was awesome and I want to eat all of them in the menu.

Pumpkin Bread

I made "Pumpkin Bread" today. I mixed pumpkin powder with the dough and put the pumpkin seeds on the bread.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tsuno (Restaurant & Cafe)

I went to this cafe to eat lunch. There are 3 kinds of lunch combination and the cheapest one is 900 yen (= $9). I selected the cheapest one, which is pasta, soup (or salad), bread (or rice) and drink. The pasta is made of Japanese traditional vegetables and taste was mixed Japanese with Italian. It tasted interesting for me and I liked it. In the restaurant, there are many kinds of pretty goods, which are sold, and I could see these things for waiting time. All of them are so pretty and I wanted to buy them but I did not.

Orange bread

This breads, which I made, are little sweets. I put the custard cream into the bread and put oranges on it. They look cute!

feal (Cafe)

I went to eat lunch at "feal". There were some kinds of lunch combination and I choiced "Today's lunch", which is pork with mustard source. The combination contained salad, soup, main, bread and drink. I think it is cheaper (850 yen = $8.5). Taste was good and volume is enough for me. I understood why many customer came this cafe.

Bacon and Tomato Bread

Today, I made "Bacon and tomato bread". I mixed Bacon and dried tomato in the dough. Also, I put black pepper and they made the bread little spicy.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yoshinoya (Fast food)

Yoshinoya is the most popular fast food in Japan. I love their Gyu-don ( very much. Yesterday, I had a first time to eat after returning Japan. They are still delicious!!

Bar Del Sole (Cafe & Bar)

After eating and drinking, we moved next restaurant. We went to "Bar Del Sole" near Shinagawa station. We can drink wine and other alcohol in this bad and also we can eat Italian ice cream. I ate ice cream because my lab mate recommended me to eat them. As he said, they were awesome. There were vanilla ice cream with berry source. It made sweet and sour. This combination fascinated me a lot. I love them!

Tobiuo (Japanese restaurant)

I met my lab mates on Saturday night at "Tobiuo" Japanese restaurant. This restaurant is famouse with good fish foods and I was looking forward to eating them. There were 5 lab mates to meet together. We drank alcohol and eat good fish food, such as boiled fish with soy-source and sugar, baked fish and so on. They were great! We talked a lot and had a fun time!

(Raw fish)

(Boiled fish)

Senbikiya (Fruits shop)

After eating lunch, my friend and I went to go "Senbikiya", where is one of the oldest fruits shop in Japan. Their fruits cake and other fruits sweets are awesome! I really wanted to eat them. I ate "Mango cream puff" and my friend drank "fruits shake". The mango puff was sweet and sour. Cream was so soft and tasty. I was in a dream!!