Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kohanrou (Chinese restaurant)

I really wanted to try Taipi-en (a kind of Chinese noodle) and I went to eat it with my husband there. This restaurant is near lake, and very calm. We ate lunch combination (1480 yen = $15).
At first, 3 small portion of appetizer and salad. All of the appetizer were so good and I was looking forward to eating the noodle.

Then, noodle was shown. It looked Ramen but little different. Soup was made from chicken and there were a lot of kinds of vegetables on the noodle. I was so satisfied withe this noodle.

Next, 5 kinds of small dumpling were coming. All of them were so nice but I was almost full...

Finally, we ate 2 kinds of desserts and drank Chinese tea. These dessert were also nice. Even though I was so full, I ate all of them.

I made a fan of this restaurant. When my friend will visit me, I definitely take them to this restaurant.

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