Monday, August 31, 2009

Curry cheese onion bread

Today's bread is "Curry cheese onion bread". I mixed curry powder with dice of cheese and onion, and put them in the dough. Their smell was really good and they made me hungry.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ura-Cafe (Cafe)

This cafe is so popular in this area. last week, my husband and I went there and we found there were many people waiting for seats. Then, we gave up. Today, we went early lunch time and got seats. My husband ate curry combination and I ate 2 main combination. Both of them got soup, salad, dessert and 2 kinds of small side dishes. I realized this cafe is so popular. Their dishes looked beautiful and were very delicious. Especially, desserts were marvelous. I love their dessert and I bought same cake.

(Curry combination)

(2 main combination)


I bought bicycle!

Because I will start my new job on September 14 and go to the office by bicycle, I bought new bicycle!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Maple Almond Bread

Now a days, I am really interested in making bread! Today, I made "Maple almond bread". I spread maple cream over the bread and put the almond.

Amamiya (Japanese style sweets)

Because I saw the introduction about Anmitsu (a kind of Japanese sweet ; on TV in this morning, so I really wanted to eat it. I looked for the Japanese cafe in the Internet ant found "Amamiya". When I entered this cafe, there were many customers to eat a lot of kinds of Japanese sweets. I love this cafe!! Off course, I ate Anmitsu. It was awesome and made me happy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pumpkin and Paprika Bread

Today, I made Pumpkin and Paprika Bread. I spread mayo and mustard over the bread and put pumpkin, paprika and Black olive.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cafe Au Lait Bread

I made "Cafe au lait bread". This dough was mixed with coffee and milk. Dose it sound delicious?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bead & Sweet Lab (Bread & Sweets)

On the way to my apartment, my husband and I dropped at "Bread & Sweet Lab". In this shop, there are bakery, cake shop and cafe. I found small portion of bread and there are over 8 kinds, such as tomatoes, pumpkin, milk and spinach. Each of them is 45 yen ($0.5). I bought 6, and also bought a pudding (273 yen = $2.8) and an orange chocolate cake (160 yen = $1.6). After arriving our apartment, we tried to eat them. Pudding was little hard (now a days, soft one is very popular) but it is better for me. An orange chocolate cake was very delicious. I love it. I like the cake and bread of this shop!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kohanrou (Chinese restaurant)

I really wanted to try Taipi-en (a kind of Chinese noodle) and I went to eat it with my husband there. This restaurant is near lake, and very calm. We ate lunch combination (1480 yen = $15).
At first, 3 small portion of appetizer and salad. All of the appetizer were so good and I was looking forward to eating the noodle.

Then, noodle was shown. It looked Ramen but little different. Soup was made from chicken and there were a lot of kinds of vegetables on the noodle. I was so satisfied withe this noodle.

Next, 5 kinds of small dumpling were coming. All of them were so nice but I was almost full...

Finally, we ate 2 kinds of desserts and drank Chinese tea. These dessert were also nice. Even though I was so full, I ate all of them.

I made a fan of this restaurant. When my friend will visit me, I definitely take them to this restaurant.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Style Cafe (Cafe)

My husband and I went to have lunch at " Style Cafe". This cafe is very popular in this area. There are some kinds of lunch combinations. I ate Hamburg and my husband ate chicken. At first, they served us soup, salad and small dish. Soup was vegetable in consomme. My Hamburg was covered with demiglace source and the meat was so soft. My husband's chicken was boiled for short time and put Chinese lemon source. At this point, we wondered because the amount of these dishes were little small. Then, dessert came out. I was surprised because dessert plate was as big as main dish. 4 different kinds of desserts were on the plate. each of them were awesome! I am really satisfied this cafe and will come again.

Happy Factory (Sweets)

I found good cake shop "Happy Factory" near my apartment. They sell Bagels, Stick cakes and Tapioca drinks. They make cakes using soy milk and bean curd refuse. I tried some of them. Its taste is not tofu taste. It likes plain un-sweet cheese cake and very light. There are many kinds of cakes there, so I will try another one!

My thesis

I ordered my thesis binding and I got them. One is for my advisor and other is mine. They look great!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I made them!

I made " Spicy curry hot dog". Off course, I made bread, too.

Cafe Switch (Cafe)

I went to have a lunch at "Cafe Switch" near the Kami-tori. I saw the advertisement in the magazine and looked so nice, so I went there. There are some kinds of Lunch combination, such as sandwich and curry. I ate avocado and shrimp sandwich (650 yen = $6.5). The combination is with soup, salad and drink. I think it is cheaper than other cafe and taste was so-so. But the service was terrible. When the waitress asked me the order, she looked not to feel like doing anything, and her behavior made me annoyed.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pastel (Sweets)

I found the "Pastel" in the Turuya department. Definitely, I bought them! I love their pudding (about $3 each)!!! Their puddings are not very sweet but very smooth and delicious. I brought them to my apartment and kept in refrigerator. Then, I tried to eat... Oh, my god!! They are awesome.

Anding (Chinese Cafe)

I found Chinese cafe "Anding" at the Kami-tori. This cafe is small and it is difficult to find because of 4th. floor in the building.
I went to have a lunch there and ate porridge. There were several kinds of lunch sets and all lunch sets were put with Chinese tea. Porridge was with some vegetables and plain taste. Chinese tea was really good fragrance. Even though the cafe was in the 4th. building, there were many customers and I was surprised it. Also,they sell Chinese sweets. I will try next time!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Taiyaki-kenkyujo (Fish-Shaped cake)

When I drove the road, I found interesting ad. It said "Japanese type fish-shaped cake Lab". So, I stopped this shop and bought some. There are 2 type of cake, blown (150 yen = $1.5) and white (130 yen = $1.3). White is rare and I have never seen them. Inside the cake, there are cream. Also, there are some kinds of cream which I can select; red bean paste, custard, white bean paste and so on. White cake is little sticky but I like this texture and cream is good, too.

SWISS (Sweets)

This cake shop is the oldest cake shop in Kumamoto area. I really wanted to try them. Today, I bought 4 kinds of cakes; Chou a la cream (126 yen = $1.3), chocolate orange (315 yen = $3.2), cheese cake (294 yen = $3) and almond Jerry with fruits (294 yen = $3). All of them were so-so and they were acceptable for me. But I was looking forward to tasting more delicious. I know because of price. They are cheaper than other shops'. Not bad but not good.

Vienna no Mori (Cafe)

My husband and I went to have a lunch at "Vienna no Mori ". Here is near the mall where we go shopping. The cafe is not big but very comfortable. We ate lunch menu; Chicken sandwich and Doria. As for the chicken sandwich, chicken was sauteed with mustard and I like this taste. Doria has a rice covered with demiglace and cheese. It looked delicious. Lunch menu (900 yen = $9) has main + soup + drink + dessert. I am familiar with American size, so it looked little small for me but it is OK.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Korean Kitchen KAJA (Korean Restaurant)

I went to see movie, and after that husband and I ate dinner at "KAJA". Here is a Korean restaurant in Kumamoto Claire. We ordered combination for 2 people (3600 yen = $36). It included 2 side dishes, 6 mains and dessert. 2 side dishes were 2 kinds of Kimchi. We can select 6 kinds of mains. We selected Karbi, marinated Karbi, tongue, marinated pork, Korean pancake and Korean noodle. The quality of meets were better but other foods were so-so. Pancake was thin and noodle was thin taste. I think it is better to eat lunch time than dinner time.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

mochiCREAM (Sweets)

I found the shop "mochiCREAM" and they sell variety of mochi. There are over 20 kinds of mochi and they looks so cute! I bought 6 kinds of mochi, today. Red bean paste, Mango, Green tea, Sweet potato, Red potato and Soy flour. Every flavor is mixed with heavy cream but it tastes are very light. I was so surprised to see such a interesting mochi and became a big fan!

Din Tai Fung (Chinese restaurant)

Din Tai Fung (, here is a famous Taiwanese restaurant. Everything is delicious, especially dumpling is amazing! It is so juicy and tasty! Today, my husband ate combination (dumpling + half noodle + half fried rice, 1300 yen = $13) and I ate another combination (dumpling + half noodle + dessert, 1400 yen = $14). All of them were awesome, especially I love their noodle! I am so happy to eat these good food near my house.


I went shopping with my husband by tramcar. I had the first time to ride tramcar and was exciting!

It took about 15 min. to arrive the shopping arcade. We walked around the arcade and had a rest at "ST-MARC CAFE ". Here is a bakery cafe and their breads are delicious. I ate a pumpkin cake (390 yen = $4) and a mango lassie (440 yen = $4.5), and my husband ate a croissant (160 yen =$1.5) and an iced coffee (200 yen = $2). Inside the shop was so calm and comfortable. We stayed long time to rest. Also, their food were good and I love them.

Aso Farm Land

My husband and I went to "Aso Farm Land". Here is a kind of health park and we can enjoy athletic, hot spring, restaurant and shopping. Fortunetely, parking and entrance fee are free but we should pay every activity. Most popular activity in this park is athletic field and there are about 30 items in this field. because og this, there are many families. At first, we joined the "Dr. kiss fish (1000yen=$10 / 15 min. )". When we put into our foot in the lake, small fish eat our horny skin of our foot. Picking my foot by fish make me tickle and so interesting.
Then, we went to "Hot spring (800yen=$8)". The building is little old but there are over 20 kinds of variety hot spring, such as sauna, medicated bath and electric bath. These bath made me so relax and sleepy...

Last, we went to have a lunch at "harvest (1575yen=$16 / 1 person)". This restaurant uses organic products and is buffet style. Most of foods are special of this area (Aso area). I had a first time to eat someof them. My husband and I ate too much...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My apartment

Let me introduce my apartment.

Kitchen (Left), induce heating in kitchen (Middle) and dining room (Right)

Living room (Left), my room (Middle) and guest room (Right)
I cannot take a picture of my husband room because of soooo messy!! I have not prepared in guest room yet.

Bathroom (Left), toilet (Middle) and Laundry area (Right)