Monday, October 11, 2010

Bread Class

I joined bread class near my place. I made 3 kinds of bread there. All of them are like fall bread Because we used pumpkin, chestnuts and fig!!

Pumpkin stick: We mixed pumpkin powder with dough and they are so crispy and tasty.

Chestnuts bread: There is white bean paste and chestnuts paste inside the bread.

Fig bread: We put dried fig into the bread.

In this weekend

I made more bread.
Here is sweet potatoes bread. I boiled sweet potatoes with sugar and mixed them into the dough.

This one is red bean paste bread. Red bean paste is in this bread. They are one of the popular bread in Japan.

Last one is melon shaped bread. Real melon is not in these bread and only shape is like melon. I like these shape and they are so cute!!

Today's bread


Summer memory

One of my good memory in this summer is Fireworks!! I love fireworks and always check where I can see them. In this summer, my husband and I went to see them in Kagoshima. It took 3hours driving from our place. This fireworks is one of the biggest in this area and we could see many people. It was really tough to get parking space even though we arrived 5 hours earlier them starting fireworks. Finally, we got and also got some snacks.
In this firework festival, we could see more than 15000 fireworks for 2 hours. They were soo beautiful and I was very impressed their beauty.

Bread I made

I made 2 kinds of bread. One of them are Chocolate Danish.

I was really hard to make them and it took over 4 hours...

Others are white bread. They are so soft and matched with butter very much.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Ume no Hana (Tofu restaurant)

My husband's parents like this Tofu restaurant and we went there to have a lunch. They serve not only Tofu but also Japanese food. Here are Tofu and boiled vegetables.

Fried Tofu.

Sashimi (Raw fish) and Tofu dumpling.

Eel rice, miso soup with tofu and pickles.

Dessert (Vanilla ice cream with brown sugar syrup)

La Meson de Ginza (Ice cream shop)

This ice cream shop is awesome! I strongly recommend to go there if you have a chance to come to Tokyo!!

(1250 yen =$15)

(1250 yen =$15)